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Digital Insights

How well do you know how people are interacting on your website and why they are converting into sales and leads? Or how about if that marketing activity you are doing actually had the impact you were after? We work with clients to bring clarity to their digital endeavours and empower them to grow their business through strategic insight.

Web Analytics

Setting up basic Google analytics is simple, but when you have more complex and specific needs from your web analytics you need to work with an expert to get everything tracking accurately. Effectal has experience setting up complex tracking requirements for analytics systems from standard ecommerce tracking to intricate, multi-site/frame setups.

Conversion Tracking

Effectal is passionate about effectiveness, ask us today about our unique tracking systems we can offer that will give you interesting insights on your customers and help you more effectively action and analysis sales and leads from your online systems.

Custom Reporting Systems

In the digital space pretty much everything is trackable and stored in data form somewhere. This is one of the great things about the internet but with some much data in so many places how does a business make this readily accessible to monitor certain performance metrics? Effectal can work with your business to develop custom reporting systems and dashboards so you can monitor your key metrics on a monthy, weekly, daily or even hourly basis.

Data Analysis & Visualisation

We love data here at Effectal and would quite happily analyse data all day to find hidden gems for our clients. Speak to us today to get a fresh perspective on your data.